When the final note has faded in the evening air

And the roadies have begun to clear the stage

It is time for me to go

Then at the closing of the day you will be there

Giving me a place that I can call my home

I don't have to be alone

In the time after dark it's like a candle in the night

Like a fire that keeps me warm

And the spark that lights the light

You are the fire in my night


When the road is long and you've been travelling all the day

Until the shadows start to lengthen

And the sun gets in your eyes and makes you cry

That's when you need to know there's some place you can stay

Where there is certain peace and harmony

And all the love you need to get you high

In the heat of the day it's like the tree that casts the shade

Like the wind blown off the sea shore

And the sound of the waves

You are the cool of my day


In the early morning when the sun looks through the leaves

And I reflect upon the day that's starting

Just about to claim us

In a whirlwind ride upon the tide of fortunes ever changing

Touching her and touching there

But no one and nothing staying the same

In the path of the wind you are the one that keeps me sane

A hand to keep hold of

And a windbreak from the pain

You are my shelter from the rain