2015 News

24 April

Fiona plays solo at Summerveld Lodge

Splashy Fen 3-5 April.

Fiona will be playing on the Sedgwick Accoustic stage at Splashy Fen at 2pm on Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th April. She will also be playing on the same stage on Friday 3rd at 6pm as a guest of renowned violinist Ant Cawthorn-Blazeby.


2014 News

April 18

Durban-based singer and songwriter Fiona Tozer is a true Splashy Fen veteran, having played at the very first Splashy festival and almost twenty more since. Over the years, she has played solo, and with a number of bands: Odyssey, Bona Fide, the Fiona Tozer Band, The Really Big Soul and Blues Review, and latest band Quark, and she was the featured guest artist in 2006. For this 25th Splashy anniversary she will be joined on stage by the members of Quark, Ant Cawthorn-Blazeby on violin and Dan Wilson on bass.


2013 News

March 29

I'm playing at Splashy Fen on 29 March at 12:45 in the Grant Erskine Marquee. Catch me there. I'll also be playing as a guest with Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby at 17:15. See you at Splashy!


April 6 : 16:00

Saturday sessions at Emoyeni. Music for musicians and music lovers. See emoyenilodge.com for directions.

April 26 : 19:30

“What the Folk?” - confessions of a singer-songwriter. With Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby on violin.. Bluestockings, Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal. Bookings:083-6593628

2011 News

Friday 18 Feb 20h00 at Jackie Horner

I'll be playing a gig with Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby on violin and guest Keri Povall on flute. 47 Davenport Road, Glenwood, Durban. Small venue so booking advisable, call 031 2029192. Seeya the16:22 15/03/2013re.

Somewhere Else

It's been a long time coming. For those of you who've been asking when my next CD is coming out, finally, here it is. Since recording Light and Sound in 98, I took time out to study music in a formal environment (at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban) and in the process learnt lots of crazy stuff. And some useful stuff too. The plan was to record all the new songs written since Light and Sound, but in practice, the music divided itself into two; the acoustic numbers and songs that need a band. Somewhere Else is the acoustic set. It reflects a recent involvement with more traditional folk music, evolving out of my experimentation with the group Quark and filling in on guitar for the band Celtis. Combining this with my ongoing love affair with lyrics, and some new-found knowledge of theory, Somewhere Else emerged. The title refers to a poem by A.A. Milne called Halfway Down (about the stair in the middle that is neither upstairs nor downstairs) which seemed to parallel the place where I was at with these tracks. Elegy was written making intentional use of traditional folk techniques in both lyrics and music. Folk music often told stories of dark deeds and murder, so I used the form for relating a contemporary tragedy. At the other end of the staircase is Feng Shui which formed part of the composition portfolio for my master degree. I am deeply grateful to my musician friends who generously shared their amazing talents, and to my friend and mentor, professor of composition and electro-acoustic music at UKZN, who engineered the recording at the university studio.
Watch this space in 2011 for the rest of the new tracks live with the band - Somewhere Else Again.
Order Somewhere Else from this site (you can order Neverland and Light and Sound but they are also available at Rythmic Beat stores nationwide). Allow R20 for packaging and posting (within South Africa) or R30 overseas).

2010 News

8 Feb - 7 March

Residency at the Centre for Composers in Visby, Sweden. I'll be working on a concerto for electric guitar and orchestra
and songs for the new album

Saturday 3 April @ 2:30

Splashy Fen Music Festival
Venue : Splashy Fen farm Underberg
with guest Reanne Leigh on alto sax

January 2010

Work started on the new album - the story of the metamorphosis of a folk-song writer into a composer

Past events and reviews

Check out photos of the White Mountain Folk Festival 2007  



The members of Quark - Anton Cawthorn-Blazeby (violin), Logan Byrne (double bass) and Fiona Tozer (guitar and vocals) - are all well-known Durban musicians. Taking a break from their other multifarious musical activities, they have combined their talents to create a unique blend of songwriter lyrics, celtic melodies and whatever else might have fallen into the mix. Drawing on their experiences in folk, rock, jazz and classical music, they are seeking quantum evolution, attempting to further blur the artificial boundaries between musical styles, and to give new meaning to term "string theory".

by Grant Collard

Durban's acclaimed singer-songwriter-guitarist Fiona Tozer is the spotlight "super-headliner" at next year's Easter long-weekend gathering. Renowned for exploring the boundaries of folk music, Fiona's showcase billing is in tribute to her long-standing dedication and loyalty to the Splashy Fen experience - 2006 will mark her eleventh appearance on that famed Underberg stage. 

Fans of her insightful, deeply-communicative lyrics and diverse song arrangements can look forward to an hour-and-a-half of solo works and  collaborations with her favourite musicians. Although their identities are under wraps for now, expect violin, double-bass, percussion, maestro guitar, guest vocals and a full complement of back-up singers. Her set will comprise "songs that I've written since recording my most recent album, and well-known material freshly interpreted to reflect my newly acquired skills and direction". 

Fiona reacted to news of her "Splashy Special Status" with trademark humility: "It's an honour, really, and will give me a wonderful opportunity to express my musical philosophy at the most current stage of its evolution. To have my best friends on stage for the occasion is going to be heaven!"  Even though she has played the previous two Splashy festivals, Fiona "deeply appreciates the fact that people remember me, because my studies have meant a lower-than-usual public profile during the past five years." This refers to her academic pursuits at UKZN, where she is currently preparing for her Masters degree in music.

Having majored in Classical Composition, Fiona is a commissioned multi-discipline virtuoso experienced in writing for orchestra, string quartet and a variety of instrumental ensembles. She has released three albums of original material - two as solo performer and one as a part of folk group Bona Fide. 

Those already in tune with Fiona's extensive and rich musical tapestry will no doubt relish the opportunity to hear her latest offerings and witness the special showcase. Potential new fans are sure to find that she more than lives up to all expectations. So clear your diary now for Splashy Fen 2006!